Annual SNAC 720 Round x 4 Weekend Event – July 2014

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Date(s) - 2014/07/19 - 2014/07/20
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

South Nation Archery Supply


On July 19 and 20, SNAC will hold an internationally-sanctioned 720 round in the morning and the afternoon. This gives archers the choice to shoot as many or as few rounds as they wish each day and over the course of the weekend. This is a timed and judged event, 6 arrow ends are shot in 4 minutes. There is no team round.

Recurve archers shoot at 70m on a 122cm face (except for Masters and Cadets who shoot from 60m).
Compound archers shoot at 50m on an 80cm face.
Therefore, these 4 rounds cater to archers in the train-to-compete and higher phases of the Long-Term Athlete Development model, but can be enjoyed by those in the Shoot-for-Life phase as well.

The round is 72 arrows with a pause after the first 36 shots. Morning rounds start at 10am (practice begins at 9am); afternoon rounds begin at 14:00 or 2pm with practice beginning at 1pm (13:00).

Youth $10 per day; Adults $20 per day. Pre-registration is compulsory.

For more detailed information on this round and whether it will benefit your archery development or not, please contact Kathy Millar or Larry E. Smith.

Please note that due to uncontrollable spammers, we are shutting down on-line pre-registration indefinitely.  Please telephone the archery shop to sign up.  Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience.