Private Coaching and Special Group Instruction

Individuals wishing private one-on-one sessions need to book an appointment with the coach of their choice.  Sessions cover shooting form, equipment, psychology and physical fitness as needed.  Sessions may be held in-person, or using Skype over the internet for advanced students only.

Call Kathleen Millar or Larry Smith for details.

Private Lesson costs 2022:
1-2 people:  $45/hour
3 people:     $55/hour
4 people:     $65/hour

HST is not included.

For day-long or weekend-long coaching sessions, please contact Kathy Millar for pricing.

Pre-payment policy for those registering for private lessons for the first time. Payment can be made in person or over the phone using credit card, cheque or cash. We are sorry to have to implement this policy.

Special group rates are available for not-for-profit service groups. Scout/Venture-type groups may book sessions with Kathy or Larry on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon the time of year and availability.  For 2022, the cost is $11.50/person + HST.

Home-schooled groups who wish to shoot in the daytime, can arrange for classes with Larry Smith only. Call Larry for prices and details.

Seasonal and annual Training Plans, and psychological training audio-bites can be created for the individual as needed. Call Kathy for prices and details.