2023 Ontario 10-Ring Championship Week – limited availability


2023/02/20 - 2023/02/26    
5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


South Nation Archery Supply
11667 Holmes Rd., Winchester, ON, Canada, K0C 2K0

Event Type

This is an annual provincial championship held every February at SNAC on various days.  The round consists of 10 ends of 3 arrows each on either the single World Archery target face or the vertical e-spot for either compound archers or recurve archers.

This tournament is registered for national and international awards and records.

Morning line:  Official Practice 9am; Scoring 10am

Afternoon line:  Official Practice 9am; Scoring 10am

Evenings:  Official Practice 5pm; Scoring 6pm

Pre-registration is compulsory.  Space is limited.

Provincial Champs:  $35. Ages 17 and under $25. (Prices subject to change)

2023 Dates:

Monday, February 20 (evening line only)

Wednesday, February 22 (evening line only)

Thursday, February 23 (evening line only)

Sunday, February 26 (no evening line)