FULL 2023 BY3-7 Session #3 Beginner Youth night classes


2023/03/17 - 2023/03/18    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


South Nation Archery Supply
11667 Holmes Rd., Winchester, ON, Canada, K0C 2K0

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THIS SESSION IS BOOKED FULLY FOR THIS AGE GROUP.  If you are interested in signing up your child(ren), please consult Session #4 dates.  Thank you.

Beginner Youth classes run for 6 weeks, one hour per week, covering The Ten Basic Steps to Good Shooting for archers ages 11 to 17.  South Nation Archery supplies all the equipment.  Students should bring indoor shoes and wear snug-fitting clothing on the upper body.

It is highly recommended that students take this course 2-3 times before considering the youth advanced courses.  Parents and students should discuss this progression with Kathleen Millar in order to ensure that it is appropriate.

Class #1:      Eye-dominance testing, equipment selection, warm-ups, skill demonstration, shooting right away at close distances, introduction to string alignment.

Class #2:      Warm-ups, review, finger placement on the string, at full draw, and anchor position, finishing with a fun round.

Class #3:      Warm-ups, review, release action of the fingers and direction of release, finishing with a run round.

Class #4:      Warm-ups, review, position of string elbow and direction, four quadrants of strength, finishing with a run round.

Class #5:      Warm-ups, review, string alignment, proper aiming – how and when, finishing with a run round.

Class #6:      Warm-ups, review, follow-through – both sides, finishing with a run round.

There will be class on Good Friday.