2015 SNAC 900 Leagues #1


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


South Nation Archery Supply
11667 Holmes Rd., Winchester, ON, Canada, K0C 2K0

Event Type

Beginning in June each year, SNAC hosts a six-week series of Canadian 900 Leagues. These leagues are different from indoor house leagues in that they are shot outdoors, from three respective distances, at a larger target face. The round consists of 90 arrows, shot in 6-arrow ends: 30 shot at 55m; 30 shot at 45m; and 30 shot at 35m.

This round is open to both Archery Canada/OAA members and non-members, but only members will be eligible to earn National Records on week six, which is the only Nationally-sanctioned 900 League held at SNAC. All age categories must shoot all three distances.

Outdoor tournaments should be considered after several seasons of indoor shooting and tournament experience. This is an excellent opportunity for archers of all ages to experience an outdoor tournament in a fun, comfortable environment, and to learn the differences between indoor and outdoor rules, score-keeping, timing, and how to remain calm and perform even in different weather conditions—it’s a whole new world from indoors!

Archers should ensure that they are strong enough to effectively draw a bow that, at their draw length or peak weight, is at least 25lb to be able to reach the furthest distances.

Please see Kathy or Larry if you have any questions regarding your preparedness for this event.

Practice for this event begins at 5:00PM; scoring starts at 6:00PM SHARP.



Youth (ages 16 and younger): $15.00

Adult (ages 17 and older): $20.00