Our Oldest Student passes away at 94 years young

Peter Kearvell, 90-years young
Peter Kearvell, 90-years young, taking class in February 2013. Peter took up archery at the age of 89.

It is with sadness that Kathy and Larry must report that Mr. Peter Kearvell passed away on May 06, 2016.  He was a wonderful human being and loved his archery, which he found very late in life (started at age 90).  For two years, almost every week, he would travel the 45km (at 80 kph exactly) from Alexandria to Winchester, Ontario to take lessons and become strong enough to purchase his own equipment.

He moved back to his beloved Saltspring Island, BC at the feisty age of 92 where he shot his bow up to the time of his last hospitalisation.

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your life experiences and enthusiasm for life!