2024 Ontario Winter Games – an archery first

South Nation Archery was represented well at the first indoor version of Ontario Games in Thunder Bay February 22-28, 2024.  Usually, archery has been in the summer games, but was switched into the winter for these games.

Serenity Last won her age category for both the 600 round and elimination day.  Congratulations, Serenity and keep up the good work!  Kathleen Millar was Eastern Zone Coach along with Garnett Last as Eastern Zone Manager.  Eastern Zone archers medalled in each division athletes were registered in.

Thank you to Archery Ontario for funding our training camp in January, and to Jess Watson in particular for all her work.

2024 Provincial 10-ring Championship Results

Thank you to our club members who shot the provincial championships on February 18, 19 and 21, 2024.  This 10-ring version of the championships was registered nationally and internationally for records and award pins.

Congratulations to Shawn Matheson and Travis Tyo for setting new provincial records (conditional).

This file link takes you to the results for all our club members, but the final results are supposed to be posted within 2-4 days of the last date when the championships could be held (February 25).

Our next registered tournament is coming up very quickly.  The national Regional Indoor Championships will be held at SNAC on Sunday, March 03.  If you have not pre-registered, please do so before Friday, March 01, 2024.  Thank you.

Kathleen Millar Eastern Zone Coach for Ontario Winter Games

Kathleen Millar, team coach, along with manager Garnett Last, will be supporting the Eastern Zone archery team to the 2024 Ontario Winter Games, February 22-26th, 2024.  The Games are taking place in Thunder Bay, ON.

This is the first time that archery has been assigned to the Winter Games, and therefore, archers will be shooting indoors at 18m. The team age categories, U21 and younger, include recurve and compound archers from across the zone.

Archers are looking forward to all the aspects of competition and Games.  There is a wide cross-section of archer experience and age on this team for males and females, from first-time major games participation to Pan Am youth championships.

While the Games are running, Kathleen Millar will not be available for private coaching from February 21 to 28, 2024.  In the meantime, for further information on private lessons, please contact South Nation Archery at 613-989-2943 and speak with Larry.

2024 Provincial Indoor IFAA Championships at SNAC

Thank you to our competitors and guests who joined us to shoot this championship on Sunday, January 28.  Attendance was a little smaller this year due to the fact that quite a few of our regular competitors were attending the Lancaster Archery Tournament in Pennsylvania.

That didn’t stop 2 of our members from setting unofficial provincial records for this round.

Travis Tyo in 21+ men’s hunter division shot a 300 with 46 5s

Shawn Matheson in 21+ Para Open Recurve shot 266 to break his own record.

Congratulations to Pam Leclair, who also shot a PB on this round.

Club results follow.  For full results, please consult the Archery Ontario website.

Class Cancellation Policy

SNAC’s class cancellation policy is available on the Policies page under “About Us”. This policy addresses SNAC’s protocol regarding cancelled classes due to inclement weather, anticipated poor weather conditions during class time, and coach illness.

SNAC recognizes the importance of regular classes, but puts the safety of athletes and those driving them to class first.

Please contact Kathy or Larry if you have any questions or concerns which are not addressed in this policy.

2024 Regional Indoor Champs & MICA Event at SNAC

SNAC is pleased to host the 2024 edition of the indoor national 10-ring championship, and MICA Pan American Event.  These events has been registered for both national and international records and award pins.

Regionals Date:  Sunday, March 03, 2024

MICA Date:  Sunday, March 24, 2024

9am practice; 10am scoring
1pm practice; 2pm scoring

Pre-registration is compulsory and closes 3 days before the event at 9pm.  Call 613-989-2943 or e-mail:  info@southnationarchery.com

Bring dry, indoor footwear please.

Fees:  21+ & 50/60+  $30      U21 & younger $20

Outdoor Lanes CLOSED for 2023

SNAC’s outdoor lanes are closed for the winter, and until further notice.

When the ground is dry enough, a notice will be posted for re-opening, with the following provisions:

1.  Permission is needed before you are allowed to start shooting.

2.  Lanes are available only during business hours.

3.  All participants must prove in-force personal liability coverage before shooting.

4.  NO ONE is to venture off the outdoor target range into the woods or off the SNAC property.  Anyone doing so will be asked to leave the facility.

5.  Normal archery-specific safety rules are in effect; anyone violating these standard safety rules (personal/group/equipment) will be asked to leave the facility.

User fee:  $5/person