2022 4 x 720 WA Weekend Results

Congratulations to all Archery Canada members and our guests for some great scores this weekend.  A special mention to Sandra Rampton-Siedule who shot really well and produced a personal best.  Well done, Sandra!

Here are the results.  You can see them on the Archery Canada website, too.

This ends our outdoor season for 2022.  Congratulations to all participants.


Outdoor House Leagues return for 2022

Just a friendly reminder that our 720 leagues start on Wednesday, June 08 and run for 6 weeks. Practice at 5pm; scoring at 6pm sharp.
We will have 122cm target faces at 70m, 60m and 50m, as well as 80cm faces at 50m for compound archers.
We look forward to seeing you for the return of our outdoor competitive season.
Call or write to hold your spot 🙂

OUTDOOR FACILITIES are open for use 2022-05-07

We welcome our students and customers to use our outdoor lanes starting on Saturday, May 07, 2022.  This is a standard outdoor World Archery range:  70m, 6pm and 50m.

Distance markers will be placed at every 5 meters in the near future (from butts 1 & 2).  Target faces are installed at all times.

You must be prepared to share the facility with others who may be shooting at a variety of distances, as well as private lessons in progress.

Please note: Archers must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of all archery safety rules before you may shoot on the range.  All archers are responsible to have active personal liability insurance.  This can be purchased automatically with membership in Archery Ontario / Archery Canada or OFAH.

2022 National Regional Indoor Medallists at SNAC

Congratulations to the following archers who shot Archery Canada’s 2022 indoor regional championships at SNAC:

Tania Edwards – Women Senior Recurve – Bronze Medal

Larry E. Smith – Men Master Compound Fixed Pins – Silver Medal

There were several very good performances at our club, regardless of whether a medal was earned or not.  Great job, everyone!

We look forward to seeing archers compete with us again in 2023.

2022 SNAC Mail match Results – Final

Congratulations to our small band of archers who enjoyed national and provincial mailmatches after such a long break from indoor competition.

All results have been posted to the national and Ontario co-ordinators from our site, and we expect final results to be announced soon.  After the final results have been posted and we receive any medals/certificates earned by our club members, then we will arrange for a small celebration and presentation.

Here are the results from our club.  We hope that the worst of COVID-19 is behind us and that we will be welcoming more people to participate in 2023.

Class Cancellation Policy

SNAC’s class cancellation policy is available on the Policies page under “About Us”. This policy addresses SNAC’s protocol regarding cancelled classes due to inclement weather, anticipated poor weather conditions during class time, and coach illness.

SNAC recognizes the importance of regular classes, but puts the safety of athletes and those driving them to class first.

Please contact Kathy or Larry if you have any questions or concerns which are not addressed in this policy.

2022 Provincial IFAA Indoor Championship Results

Congratulations to our members and guests who shot the 5-arrow IFAA round for the Ontario provincial championships on Sunday, March 27, 2022.

You can find the results for our site at: 

The total results for AO members will be available on their website in the coming days.

This concludes our indoor season.  We wish everyone continued success as we return to our near-normal competitive season outdoors.  Watch our website for details.

2022 MICA Results for SNAC site

It will be a while until we know the final results for this year’s MICA event, but for SNAC, we have completed our competition for our site.  Congratulations to all our participants – few, but mighty!

You can find our results at: 

And the full results, as they are posted at:


Our next, and last indoor tournament of the year is the provincial IFAA indoor championships on Sunday, March 27.  There are some spots available for this 5-arrow/end 60-arrow round.  Please call or write to secure your spot.

2022 WA18M January in March Tournament Results

SNAC had to postpone the January WA18M tournament due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  But, we were able to run the event on March 13, 2022 instead.  Here are the results:

We were happy to have so many students join our regular competitive archers for this event.  Also, it marked the debut of our Recurve Open archer, Shawn Matheson.

Congratulations to Pamela LeClair who shot a PB due to her outstanding second half.  Well done, everyone.

Our next tournament is MICA on Sunday, March 20th.  There are only a few spots available.  If you are interested, please contact Kathleen Millar ASAP to guarantee your spot at  info@southnationarchery.com