PSE - Top Gun Replacement Pin

3/16" metal base fits Top Gun sights from PSE with a protective frame. Available in red, yellow and green. SNAS usually stocks .039" fibre, but available also in .019" and in .029".

Price:  $9.95 each

Truglo - Fibre Optic replacements

Truglo Fibre Optic replacements are available in assorted colours and diameters.

Target Sight Aperture - your choice Full Adjust or Shibuya

Ringed, black aperture sight with post has an inside diameter of 1/2". Make sure you check what thread size you need to fit your sight.

PRICE:  $19.95

Win & Win WNS Explorer 1W Take-down Target Bow

Explorer 1W is one of the finest values in the archery industry for intermediate and beginner recurve archers.

This excellent bow features a 25" aluminum riser with universal interchangeable limb pockets to accept any high-performance limb. The riser is offered in 5 colours, in right- or left-hand.

Fibreglass-laminated, wood-core limb weights are available from 16-36# in 2# increments.

Limb lengths available: 66"  68" 70"

PRICE: $399.00 (includes 1-hour free coaching, a $45 value)

Roland-Galaxy Bullseye Take-down recurve bow

The Roland riser is a strong composite material, drilled and tapped for sight and stabiliser.  There are two riser lengths for 62" or 66" total length. Order it in red or blue, and it is available in left- or right-handed.

The Galaxy Bullseye limbs are wood-laminated white limbs are not weight adjustable, but can be ordered in draw weights between 16# - 30#, in 2# increments.  If we do not have the exact weight in stock, we can order it for you.

Price:  $169.00

The purchase of this bow comes with coaching and set-up, a $90 value.

Easton - Jazz Arrows

A perfect intermediate target arrow, these shafts are made of 7075 aluminum alloy and have a hard anodized purple finish with weight tolerances of +/- 2% and straightness tolerances of +-/.005".

Sizes stocked: 1416, 1516, 1616, 1716, 1816, 1916

Price:  $6.95 each custom built in colours of your choice

2021 PSE Drive NXT Bow and Package prices

The Drive NXT sets the standard for value and performance in pro-level hunting bows. The forged aluminum riser has been re-designed and PSE has added a 3-track binary ZF cam that delivers stability, 80% let-off and incredible accuracy.

Specifications: Mass weight only 4.3 lbs
Arrow Speed average 330 fps Length Axle-to-axle 33”
Brace Height: 7”
Draw length range: 24”- 31”
Draw weights: 60#, 70#
Allowed limb bolt turns specified by PSE: 10

South Nation has the NXT in stock in Kuiu Verde or Country computer-generated camo pattern for the archer who wants a high performance bow at a great price.

Drive 2021 (bow only): $899

The PRO package price includes the Drive NXT, a 5” Spire stabilizer, a 5-pin fiber optic sight, PSE drop-away arrow rest, PSE neoprene sling, string D-loop, peep sight and a Torment 5-arrow quiver.
2021 Pro Package Price: $1199 and includes a 2-hour set-up, value $90

PSE Hunter 5-arrow Bow Quiver

The PSE Hunter quiver is a light-weight, durable, compact 5-arrow bow quiver. The easy quick-detach quiver bracket allows the quiver to be removed quietly and easily for tree stand hunting.
Black only.

Price: $29.95

PSE Vibracheck FX4 stabilizer

A practical 6" stabilizer for bowhunting set-ups, the Vibracheck FX4 from PSE weighs 7 oz.

Black only, with rubberized coating.

Price:  $27.95

Classic Jim First-finger style Release

This is our favourite release for bowhunting. Some of our target archers use it as well because of the high-quality machining.

It has an adjustable wrist strap, with adjustable tension on the gate-style head.  Most importantly, the archer feels no movement in the release while pulling and aiming.  The design allows quick hook-up on the string D-loop.

We have been able to source it out from the manufacturer directly, Buck Rub Outfitters.  South Nation offers it at MSRP.

Price:  $139.00

Easton - Platinum Shafting and Arrows

7075/T9 aerospace alloy aluminum shafts come with a Uni-bushing nock system, with weight tolerances +/-1%, straightness tolerances +/-.002".

Sizes stocked: 1416, 1516, 1616, 1716, 1816, 1916

Shafting:  $6.95 each

Arrows:  $9.95 each custom built to your choice of colours

Easton - XX75 Camo Hunter Arrows & Shafting

7075/T9 alloy hard anodized camo finish on these shafts with a weight tolerance of +/-1% come with Super Uni-bushing factory-installed and have a straightness tolerance of +/-.002".

Sizes stocked: 1816, 1916

Shafting Price:  $7.95

Arrow Price: $9.95 custom built in your choice of colours

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

The Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, capture-style, arrow rest has windage adjustment with a composite-encased biscuit.

The Whisker Biscuit also has windage reference marks and custom rubber boots for silent arrow loading. It is available in left- or right-hand.

PRICE:  $54.95

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Bag Target

This bag target is 23" x 25" x 12" and will stop most high-speed bows and has a large impact surface. It has a multi-layer density design, easy-tote carry handle and is 100% weather-proof.

Good for 1000s of shots (target/field points only).

Price:  $99.95

Easton - Easton 6.5 Carbon Shafting, Arrows in vanes or feathers

An all-carbon shaft with a micro-smooth finish has straightness tolerances of +/-.006" and weight tolerances of +/- 2 grains and Factory-installed nocks.

(Formerly known as Powerflight arrows/shafting with the same deflection and diameter)

Sizes stocked: 400, 500

Shafting price:  $8.95 each

Arrows with vanes:  $9.95 each

Arrows with feathers:  $10.95 each

We recommend fletching with feathers for ultimate performance for hunting and indoor target archery.


Golden Arrow 5-pin Sight

This is a great sight for the money!

It comes with a sight-light to enhance the fibre optics' glow.  Fibres are strong, wrapped .029", and the frame includes a glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring to align your peep sight easily.

Price: $39.95

Win & Win WNS SJA-50 Target Sight

This sight features micro-adjustments up-and-down and left-and-right, Aluminum extension and sight head for durability.

Specify right- or left-hand.

Colours:  red, blue, silver and black.

PRICE:  $59.95

Block 18" Target Butt

The Block Classic Target is the original open-layered target. This target will accept field tips as well as fixed and expandable broadheads and has a convenient carrying strap.  18" x 18" x 16"

Lightweight, you can move it wherever you need to practice and sight-in your equipment.

Price: $109.00

Gold Tip - Entrada Ultra-lite Arrows

Carbon-graphite shafts are finished with a state-of-the-art ultrasonic system to give them a clean, smooth surface.

Hand-weighted for an overall weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains and they have a straightness tolerance of +/-.006", a high-speed arrow weighing 5.7 grains/inch.

Sizes stocked: 600, 700

Arrow price:  $10.75 each

Excalibur Matrix GRZ 2 Package

This is the Excalibur model we stock because we feel it is the absolute finest crossbow in the industry and the best value.

It has the speed and accuracy people are looking for, with the Excalibur medium-length limb for quiet, forgiving shots.

The package includes everything you need to get going except your broadheads.

We recommend Excalibur's own 100 grain or 150 grain broadheads.

Price: $549.00

Wooden Selects - Custom & Beginner

• Beginner Wood
• Custom Wood

Cedar shafting is fletched, nocked and pointed by South Nation Archery with single dipping for custom orders only.

Call to order either beginner- or custom-spined arrows.

Shafting is available also.

Excalibur - Firebolts, Diablo and Quill bolts

Excalibur's Firebolt Series 20" Carbon arrows, Diablo 18" Carbon arrows and Quill 16.5" arrows are made from the highest quality materials to exact specifications to ensure the best possible accuracy while using broadheads.

These bolts come from the manufacturer fletched with a 2" or 4" vane.

South Nation will re-fletch your crossbow bolts with either feathers or vanes.

Contact us for up-to-date pricing.

Trufire Patriot Release Aid

The Trufire Patriot Release Aid has a sleek, contoured head design, push-to-close trigger and jaws and a quick-and-easy trigger travel adjustment.  There is no pressure adjustment on the jaws.

PRICE:  $39.95

Easton - Aluminum crossbow bolts

South Nation will fletch your crossbow bolts with either feathers or vanes. XX75/T9 alloy camo arrows are custom-made to suit your crossbow.  Sizes stocked: 2216, 2219

Note: 2117 crossbow bolts are no longer available. You will enjoy the same performance from the same ballistics in the 2216.

Contact us for up-to-date pricing.

QAD Ultra-Rest HDX

The QAD Ultra-Rest HDX is a total arrow containment rest with precision CNC aluminum and stainless steel parts.

The rest features increased spring tension.

Price:  $199.00

2021 PSE Stinger Max Package

2021 Stinger Max features SX single cam is engineered on a new and upgraded riser platform and has upgraded limb pockets.
Package includes Sierra fiber optic sight, a containment-style arrow rest, Hunter quiver, FX-4 stabilizer, peep, bow sling, and string loop.

Any bow purchased at South Nation Archery Supply includes a two-hour set-up session at no charge, a $90 value.

The outstanding value-packed price of this package is $559.00.

Scott Release Buckle Strap

South Nation Archery stocks Scott Release Buckle Straps for Classic Jim releases. This allows the archer to put the release on their hand precisely the same each time.

Price:  $32.95

Vibracheck FX 4 6" Stabilizer

The Vibracheck hunting stabilizer is available in black.

Its size makes it very practical.

PRICE:  $27.95

Trophy Taker - Original Launcher Upgrade

Original launcher upgrades are available to transform your Pronghorn short-bar into a high-performance hunting or target rest.

Vibracheck Omega 8" Stabilizer

The Vibracheck Omega 8" Stabilizer comes in Infinity camouflage, is 8" long and weighs nine ounces.

PRICE: $69.95

Kwikee Combo Quiver

This four arrow bow quiver can accommodate fixed blade or mechanical broadheads.

It features Kwikee's Ultra-Lock bracket locking system and their Arctic arrow holder that remains pliable in below-zero temperatures.

Price:  $49.95

Steel Force Phat Head 100-grain Broadheads

We stock 2 models of Steelforce Phat Head broadheads.  Both Phat Heads have a fixed blade leading cutting edge with outstanding sharpness, right out of the package. The ferrule is made of a 7075 T6 aluminum.

Regular Phat Heads have a 1" main blade cutting diameter with .080" stainless steel main blade thickness.

Big Phat Heads have 1 1/2" cutting diameter with .080" stainless steel main blade thickness.

Regular Phat Heads:  $54.95 3/pk

Big Phat Heads:  $54.95 3/pk

Steel Force Premium 100 & 125 grain Broadheads

The Steel Force Premium broadheads are made of knife grade stainless steel with individually ground and stropped blades.

The Steel Force Premium 100-grain is a four-blade leading cutting edge broadhead, with a one inch cutting diameter and its main blade is 2 3/16" long for easy penetration.

PRICE:  $54.95/3pk

The Steel Force Premium 125-grain is a four-blade leading cutting edge broadhead, with a 1 1/4" cutting diameter and its main blade is 2 3/16" long for easy penetration.

PRICE:  $54.95/3pk

Steel Force Sabertooth HP Broadhead

The Sabertooth features a leading cutting edge with serrated main blade. It weighs 125 grains with a cutting diameter of 1 3/16". The main blade is 2 3/16" long for ease of penetration.

It is priced at $49.95 for a package of three.

Wasp Jak Hammer 100-grain Broadhead

The Jak Hammer Broadhead is a mechanical broadhead that opens to 1 3/4" cutting diameter.

It has three surgically sharp stainless steel .036 blades that are retained by an O-ring, and has a stainless smart tip for ease of penetration.

PRICE: $54.95 3/pk

Wasp Boss 3-blade Broadhead

The Wasp Boss SST features a 1 1/8" cutting diameter with .027" stainless steel blades.

Features include replaceable broadhead blades and a stainless steel smart tip.

PRICE:  $49.95 3/pk

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V

The Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V is a drop-away style arrow rest with full containment. The free-floating launcher arm gives you unmatched accuracy throughout the shooting cycle with zero fletching contact. The draw cord is attached to the upper limb and the launcher arm rotates upwards as the cord goes slack.

CLOSE-OUT PRICE $99.00 (includes set-up)

Target Quivers

South Nation Archery Supply offers various target quivers in a range of sizes and colours, from beginner to competitive archery needs.

Our most economical and popular beginner quiver is Neet's N-613 tube-style quiver with clip-on design.  No belt needed.  Trim colours:  black, blue or red.

Automatically both left-handed and right-handed.

PRICE:  $17.95

Target Stabilizers

South Nation Archery Supply offers a range of target stabilizers in various sizes, colours, lengths, weights, and prices.

Call us for current in-stock items.