Competitions – what SNAC offers from novice to advanced

For an up-to-date competition schedule go to our “Events” page.

In terms of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD), archers should have consistent form in order to enjoy the competitive experience. Depending upon the number of training sessions per week, volume of arrows shot and the age of the participant, allow 12 months’ regular shooting and instruction before attempting house leagues at 10, 15 or 18m (age categories determine the distance).

Gain psychological experience with a positive attitude towards shooting consistent form while keeping track of your score. If, after a season of league shooting, you enjoy the competitive experience and wish to register for sanctioned tournaments, please speak with Kathy or Larry so that they can help you make a reasonable choice.

For indoor competitors, 300 rounds run from January to mid-April each year for house leagues scores and/or provincial or national mailmatches. (A Mail-match allows you to compare your scores with other archers across Ontario or Canada.)

SNAC holds world-registered indoor provincial, national and international MICA championships annually. World-registered 18M 60-arrow rounds are held once per month from December to March.

In the summer, on Wednesday nights, rounds are shot in June and July (outdoors). SNAC also runs a jam-packed FITA-720 weekend in July. Four rounds are offered over 2 days.