Advanced Classes

South Nation offers group and private sessions for intermediate and advanced archers. You may borrow our equipment if you wish, but it is advised that you have your own archery equipment instead.

Group classes are offered for youth and adults during Sessions #1 – #4, held each year from mid-November to the end of May.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  For 2021-2022, fewer students will be allowed in sessions in order to practice physical distancing.  Scheduling may not be as listed below.  Thank you for your patience.

Classes are held on Wednesday nights at 6 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm, and on Thursday nights at 6 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm.  Intermediate classes may be held at 9pm as well, depending upon demand.

Pre-registration is mandatory and space is limited to 4 “germ pools” to a maximum of 6 people.  We see this restriction continuing for the 2021-2022 indoor instructional season.  Visit our site often for updates.

Topics covered include detailed form analysis with video-taping, psychological training, tournament preparation and performance, nutrition and increasing accuracy.  Topics differ among the 4 sessions.

Contact Kathy or Larry in order to see if group advanced classes are right for you. 613-989-2943 or