Personal Best Scores at SNAC’s December 2018 WA18m Tournament

Congratulations to all the archers who participated in our annual December WA18 tournament.  We had quite a few archers try out competition for the first time and they did quite well!  Also, there were PBs shot by several archers including Robert (Bob) Kerr in Master’s Men Recurve. 

Results are available on our website, as well as at Archery Canada.

Our next world-registered tournament will be on Sunday, January 13th.  Phone or e-mail us in order to hold your spot!  Come join the fun and see you in the New Year.

2018 Candle-masters for Thursday night Advanced Classes

Bill Mackey (compound) is the ultimate candle-master this year with 6 candle flames taken out properly.  A close second goes to Ryan Luckovitch (compound) with 5.

Other successful archers at 13 meters were:  Jordan Eastman (recurve) with 2, Ian Pratt (compound) with 2, Sandra Rampton-Siedule (recurve) 1 and Brandon Luckovitch (compound) 1.

Most participants were able to make the flame flutter, but just couldn’t get the flame to go out – remember, they can’t hit the candle itself!  So, congratulations to all the Thursday night advanced classes for some really good bowarm and visual follow-throughs!  Nice work 🙂

2018 Candle-masters for Wednesday night Advanced Classes

We had great shooting skills on demonstration for our annual Candle Flames classes on Wednesday nights.  Congratulations to 10m candle masters Cyrill Jaquemet (Olympic recurve-style), Cole Myers (Compound) and Adam Matamoros (instructional recurve equipment) for taking out the candles neatly this year.

Honourable mentions for consistently shooting through the flame without putting it out go to: Luke Seldenthuis (6 for 6!), William Baker and Noah Yateman.

Thursday night classes will shoot from 13m.  Look for results after April 5th.


2018 Week-long Nutrition Challenge winner is Kate Montgomery

Our annual balanced nutrition week-long challenge was better than ever with 98% return of all advanced student logs.  Well done, group!  We’ve seen better scores from all participants year-to-year.  This year, returning archer Kate Montgomery scores almost a perfect 735!  Right behind her was Jordan Sequillion-Gautreau.  Congratulations to both archers!

The annual nutrition challenge does not log portion sizes, but instead looks at how an archer fuels the body with a proper mixture of all basic food groups.  Using the Canada Food Guide as a model, it is individualised to fit allergies and special diet requirements.  The goal is to eat a balanced, healthy diet without supplements while abstaining from deep-fried foods, junk food and caffeine.  Of course, this last category is a tough one for most of our adult advanced students, but for one week out of the year, it is a good lesson.

All logs are critiqued and returned with comments to the archers to help them improve their eating habits.

If anyone is interested in taking the SNAC Nutrition Challenge, please contact Kathy Millar.

2017 Candle-master is Brandon Luckovitch

Brandon led the way this year with 5 candle flames without touching the candle itself.  Great job this year, Brandon!  Honourable mention goes to Cole Myers, Pam Bennett, Max Binkle, Connie Siedule, Ryan Luckovitch, Nolan Eakins and Bill Mackey.

Revenge of the candle flames will have to wait until 2018!

High Performance Archers continue to use SNAC for training and guidance

We were pleased to host Alyssa Murphy, her brother Tyler (2-time world championship team member), dad David and mom Julie from New Brunswick during an intensive 3-day training camp here at SNAC.  Alyssa is qualified to represent Canada at the World Youth Archery Championships taking place in Rosario, Argentina in October 2017.  She will be working on her training plan, with added fitness and psychological plans designed specifically to meet her needs.

We wish her all the best as she trains for this event!

2017 Nutrition Challenge Results

Congratulations to Miranda Paquette (730) who repeats as top score (perfect is 735) overall in SNAC’s nutrition challenge week.  Close behind her was Cyrill Jaquemet (725) who has won this challenge once before, and to Gavin Rampton-Siedule (701) who was third.

Thursday night participants did a great job this year with 100% completion of the nutrition worksheet.  Well done!  Class winners were Nolan Eakins and Shane Bryson.  Everyone who participated received a healthy snack.

Remember that this nutrition challenge is an awareness exercise to see where you need to improve your healthy eating habits.  It is not about weight loss or weight gain.  That is why each submission is analysed before it is returned to the archer.  Good work, everyone!

Miranda Paquette perfect score 2016 SNAC Nutrition Week Challenge

After finishing second last year, Miranda Paquette of Osgoode, ON regained her domination of the youth advanced classes annual healthy-eating event. Congratulations, Miranda, winner of the 2016 Nutrition Week Challenge!

Top score in the 7pm class was Luke Seldenthuis.

Top score in the 8pm class was Cyrill Jaquemet, who won the Nutrition Challenge last year.

Congratulations to all those advanced students who participated this year – a record number completed the challenge to eat a balanced, healthy diet. Terrific job, everyone!

This year, SOUTH NATION ARCHERY SUPPLY/Club added a new incentive for those students who completed their Challenge charts and handed them in: their names went into a draw for a free one-hour private lesson with Kathy Millar.

2016’s winner of the Nutrition Challenge draw is Crystal Foster. Congratulations!