Group Beginner Session #2 BA2-8 is booked 2024

Note that as of 2023-11-27, the adult/teenager beginner group session #2 has been booked fully, and we are no longer accepting any pre-registrations for this session.

However, there is availability in BA3-8 and BA4-8.  Please consult our website for adult class information for these 2 remaining sessions.

We look forward to signing up students for March 08 or April 26, 2024.

Outdoor Lanes CLOSED for 2023

SNAC’s outdoor lanes are closed for the winter, and until further notice.

When the ground is dry enough, a notice will be posted for re-opening, with the following provisions:

1.  Permission is needed before you are allowed to start shooting.

2.  Lanes are available only during business hours.

3.  All participants must prove in-force personal liability coverage before shooting.

4.  NO ONE is to venture off the outdoor target range into the woods or off the SNAC property.  Anyone doing so will be asked to leave the facility.

5.  Normal archery-specific safety rules are in effect; anyone violating these standard safety rules (personal/group/equipment) will be asked to leave the facility.

User fee:  $5/person

2023-2024 Parking Reminder for students & competitors

IMPORTANT message to class participants and league/tournament archers!

Please remember to park in our parking lot whenever possible.

DO NOT PARK on the south side of County Road 38.

If the parking lot is full, please park on the north side of the road only, and east of our lane way.

This notice is very important during the snow removal season; the OPP will have your car towed away if you are in the way of the snow-plough drivers.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Group Lessons 2024 – Pre-registration is open

For our 2024 indoor instructional season, please see our adult and youth classes pages on our drop-down menu.  See detailed dates, starting times, general information and costs for each beginner or advanced class for youth or adults.

Choose the Session and level that suits your needs, then pre-register as soon as possible with Kathleen Millar via e-mail at:

Pre-registration is compulsory.  There is limited space available in each of the 6-week sessions.

Advanced classes are open only to those archers who have taken 2-3 sessions with Kathleen Millar or taken private lessons within the last 6 months.

At South Nation Archery, we look forward to your participation throughout the indoor season.

OWG WA18M Open to all ages 2023-09-06

SNAC is happy to host a WA-registered qualification tournament for youth wishing to represent their zones for the first-ever Ontario Winter Games archery event on Sunday, September 10 at 10am.

As of 2023-09-06, we are opening up registration to archers aged 21+.

We have 3 spots available.

Contact Kathleen Millar ASAP if you wish to pre-register (compulsory) at:

40th Anniversary Celebration

South Nation Archery Supply/Club celebrated 40 years serving the needs of archers and bowhunters in eastern Ontario, western Quebec and northern New York State on Saturday, August 26, 2023,

Thank you to all of you who stopped by, or sent messages on our Facebook page.