2017 MICA – Greatest Participation to date at SNAC

Congratulations to the individuals and team members who competed in our marathon day-and-a-half annual MICA tournament.  Though it is not required, SNAC registers this event internationally with World Archery for performance awards and records.  The event runs from January 01 to May 31 each year with participation from all the Americas from Argentina to Canada.

We are pleased to publish the SNAC-only site results.  WEB_2017Canada_MICA_Results_For_SNAS#12_2017-03-26


Final Canadian results will appear on the Archery Canada website sometime in early May.  For full results, consult the COPARCO website after that date.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated national co-ordinator for this event:  Lynne Durward.  Thank you, Lynne, for organising the event and the results!