Crystal Foster – 2015 recipient – Most Improved Archer Award

On Wednesday, May 27th, during awards celebration night #1, South Nation Archery Club executives Kathy Millar and Larry E. Smith presented a very special award to a very deserving individual.  The SNAC Most Improved Archer Award is not given out annually; it is awarded only when a member meets the criteria.

This year, SNAC is pleased to award CRYSTAL FOSTER with this trophy.  Not only did Crystal meet all the criteria, but she trained and excelled while working over 60 hours per week at Mr. Mozzarella in Kemptville.  In the senior recurve division, she participated in advanced classes, house leagues (gold), Ontario mailmatches (gold), National mailmatches (gold), OAA 10-ring indoor championship (7th), OAA/IFAA championship (5th), national championship (11th) and the Multi-site Indoor Championship of the Americas (MICA).

Crystal has been dedicated to her weight-training programme over the past 12 months, no easy feat due to non-archery related sports injuries.  She exhibited also the criteria for this award:

  • Dedication to training
  • Listening and coachability
  • Score improvement
  • Learning Mental Toughness
  • Sportsmanship
  • Courtesy to all archers

Congratulations, Crystal!