Perkins, Duenas win MICA gold – SNAC gals win silver

As of May 05, the semi-official 2014 MICA results were posted on the COPARCO website.  Our junior boys team (made up of cubs and cadets) was SO close, missing the bronze medal by ONE point!  Good shooting, Josh, Josh and Kaleb!

SNAC’s recurve junior girls team won the silver medal!  Well done, ladies.  The field was much bigger this year.

Individually, two well-known Canadian archers won gold medals:  congratulations to Christopher Perkins (SR M CPD) who shot a huge 599, and to Crispin Duenas of Scarborough, ON (SR M REC) who shot a terrific 590.  Great shooting!

And congratulations to all the archers who shot MICA.  It is a difficult tournament to win or place in with so many countries involved again this year.

See all the individual and team results at: