Fumerton wins bronze at 2014 OFSSA champs

Congratulations to all the SNAC archers who shot the 2014 Ontario High School Archery Championships and the archers shot personal bests!

This year we had 2 compound release archers participate:  congrats to Jay Simzer (Seaway HS) and Mackenzie Gifford (North Grenville)

The North Dundas District High School boys team was 5th this year.

Individually:  Women

Lindsay Fumerton (North Grenville) 3rd, Sydney Sequillion (KCVI) 10th, Emily Hockey (St. Michael’s HS) 17th, Hannah Robinson 29th and Victoria Borgia 30th (NDDHS), and newcomers Jannel and Justine Miller (Thousand Islands SS).


Patrick Jaquemet 12th and Cyrill Jaquemet 18th, Matthew Adams 24th and Josh Beach (North Dundas), Josh Sequillion 26th (Leahurst), Duncan Youngdale 30th (North Grenville), and Liam Martin (Blythe Academy).

This year we have to say good-bye to our graduating student-archers:  Sydney, Matthew, Josh B and Jannel.  Good luck with your future scholastic endeavours and try to keep archery in your life.