South Nation Archery on CTV Morning – 2014

Sarah Freemark makes a return visit to South Nation Archery Supply/Club to learn that you don’t need your eyes open in order to make a good shot and that you need to execute the shot properly in order to be accurate with a release aid.

Enjoy watching all 4 segments with Kathy and Larry. This show aired on March 31, 2014.

Miranda Paquette and good eating habits

Congratulations once again to Miranda Paquette (female Cub recurve) who remains our advanced youth classes winner in the Nutrition Awareness Week challenge. By combining a healthy, balanced diet with bonus points for avoiding empty calories and junk food, Miranda scored an almost perfect 723 points! She’s tough to beat, ladies and gentlemen; this makes 3 years in a row! Well done, Miranda!

The emphasis in this activity is to underscore the importance of “fueling the body” so that we can perform as archers, but more importantly, so that we recognise our choices to maintain a healthy life-style.

Our annual “good eating habits” challenge is only one of several activities for advanced youth and adult classes. For more details, please review lesson plans for our “Events” or contact Kathy Millar for details.

CTV Ottawa’s Sarah Freemark visits SNAS again in 2014

The always charming and genuine television personality, Sarah Freemark joined us again at South Nation Archery Supply and Club to follow up on her archery skills and knowledge.

She worked with Larry and Kathy to learn the finer points of shooting compound bows with release aids and recurve bows for kinaesthetic awareness and proper form.

This pre-taped session will air on CTV Ottawa’s Morning Show on March 31st. It should be fun!