South Nation Archery Hosted National Paralympic Mixed Team Training Camp

Kathleen Millar and SNAC hosted the small, but important national team training camp June 25-28.  The National Para Mixed Team, comprising of Karen Van Nest and Kevin Evans, trained and simulated competition in preparation for a Paralympic World Ranking Event in the Czech Republic starting on June 30th.

As part of the pre-event camp, national Team Leader Duncan Crawford (PEI) attended as well.  Other team support members were able to attend also.

In order to simulate match play for Karen and Kevin, Kaity Horlock, Hannah Rousseau, Alexandra Paquette and Robin Horlock all participated in the Round Robin and Super-team eliminations.  Thank you for volunteering!  To thank our volunteers, Larry grilled a great smorgasbord of delights to go with all the salads.

Good luck to our Canadian Paralympic Mixed Team in the Czech Republic!


2018 OFSSA Archery Tournament Participants Highly Successful

OFSSA archers travelling from eastern Ontario with Kathleen Millar shot this annual tournament, which has been running for over 30 years. Kathleen has trained local high-school aged archers during these years to take advantage of this unique opportunity; Ontario is the only province running a high school archery championship. 

The archers were very successful!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Representing NDDHS:

Bradley Larmour, men compound fingers – GOLD MEDAL

Payton Halpenny, women recurve – SILVER MEDAL

James Drynan, standard division – Well Done!

Matt Irven, Jared Wicks, Taylor Bazinet and Jason Larmour, compound men’s team – BRONZE MEDAL


Representing Char-lan HS:

Hannah Rousseau, women compound – GOLD MEDAL


Representing Madawaska HS:

Ryan Luckovitch, men compound – SILVER MEDAL

Thanks to our volunteer parent drivers: Kris Rousseau, Shannon Halpenny and Bruce Larmour to assist Kathy with the transport this year.

2018 Medal Presentations – Saturday, May 26

Participants in SNAC leagues and/or tournaments, were invited to our annual medal presentations, along with family and friends.  It’s also our 35th year in business.

We will recognised and honoured the participation and accomplishments of our club members during this past indoor season for:

  • League results – youth and adult
  • Provincial & National mailmatches
  • OAA indoor championships
  • OFSSA medals
  • indoor national medals
  • MICA medals (if available)


If you were NOT able to attend our celebrations please drop by during business hours any day from May 28th onward.

Larry E. Smith Recognised for his Contributions to South Nation Conservation de la Nation Sud

In February of 2018, the SNC Board of Directors recognised Larry E. Smith as a Friend of SNC for his on-going partnership and support of SNC’s stewardship programmes.  Congratulations, Larry!

For almost 10 years, Larry E. Smith has been an active and involved member of South Nation Conservation’s stewardship and lands programmes.  Since 2009, he has logged hundreds of hours volunteering for various SNC programmes, such as the annual youth hunt where he has mentored over 70 youth.  Also, he volunteers his time regularly monitoring SNC properties as a forest steward.

Not only does Larry sit on the SNC’s Fish and Wildlife Committee, he is also Vice-chair of the Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee (EODAC) where he works closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) to help manage deer populations within the Kemptville district.

Through his participation in out-reach and conservation initiatives, and his strong commitment to preserving local forests, Larry E. Smith is truly a Friend of South Nation Conservation and the local environment.

Below:  Larry E. Smith (2nd from right) at the presentation and the glass artwork of the SNC logo.

2018 Candle-masters for Thursday night Advanced Classes

Bill Mackey (compound) is the ultimate candle-master this year with 6 candle flames taken out properly.  A close second goes to Ryan Luckovitch (compound) with 5.

Other successful archers at 13 meters were:  Jordan Eastman (recurve) with 2, Ian Pratt (compound) with 2, Sandra Rampton-Siedule (recurve) 1 and Brandon Luckovitch (compound) 1.

Most participants were able to make the flame flutter, but just couldn’t get the flame to go out – remember, they can’t hit the candle itself!  So, congratulations to all the Thursday night advanced classes for some really good bowarm and visual follow-throughs!  Nice work 🙂

2018 Candle-masters for Wednesday night Advanced Classes

We had great shooting skills on demonstration for our annual Candle Flames classes on Wednesday nights.  Congratulations to 10m candle masters Cyrill Jaquemet (Olympic recurve-style), Cole Myers (Compound) and Adam Matamoros (instructional recurve equipment) for taking out the candles neatly this year.

Honourable mentions for consistently shooting through the flame without putting it out go to: Luke Seldenthuis (6 for 6!), William Baker and Noah Yateman.

Thursday night classes will shoot from 13m.  Look for results after April 5th.


2018 Week-long Nutrition Challenge winner is Kate Montgomery

Our annual balanced nutrition week-long challenge was better than ever with 98% return of all advanced student logs.  Well done, group!  We’ve seen better scores from all participants year-to-year.  This year, returning archer Kate Montgomery scores almost a perfect 735!  Right behind her was Jordan Sequillion-Gautreau.  Congratulations to both archers!

The annual nutrition challenge does not log portion sizes, but instead looks at how an archer fuels the body with a proper mixture of all basic food groups.  Using the Canada Food Guide as a model, it is individualised to fit allergies and special diet requirements.  The goal is to eat a balanced, healthy diet without supplements while abstaining from deep-fried foods, junk food and caffeine.  Of course, this last category is a tough one for most of our adult advanced students, but for one week out of the year, it is a good lesson.

All logs are critiqued and returned with comments to the archers to help them improve their eating habits.

If anyone is interested in taking the SNAC Nutrition Challenge, please contact Kathy Millar.

FANTASTIC weather and scores Day 2 4×720 Weekend

Even better than yesterday, we had calm winds, over-cast skies and NO rain for day 2 of our annual 4 x 720 weekend.

Congratulations to all our participants including Shane Bryson, our webmaster, who shot his first-ever 70m round and did quite well.  We had terrific scores again, with some new PBs and really good results for Josee Perron, Hannah Rousseau and Sandra Rampton-Siedule who are all just starting on their outdoor target careers.

There were good performances from everyone and once again, Alexandra Paquette led the way with a 698 on her morning round in the compound division.

Since we continue to have problems uploading our results through Archery Canada’s i@nseo site, here are the unofficial results for everyone to read.

Thank you to everyone who turned out and all the kind words for the efforts we make in order for this annual event to function.  In particular, thank you to Cyrill and Patrick Jaquemet who slugged target butts again this year for our outdoor tournament season.  See you next year!