2017 MICA – Greatest Participation to date at SNAC

Congratulations to the individuals and team members who competed in our marathon day-and-a-half annual MICA tournament.  Though it is not required, SNAC registers this event internationally with World Archery for performance awards and records.  The event runs from January 01 to May 31 each year with participation from all the Americas from Argentina to Canada.

We are pleased to publish the SNAC-only site results.  WEB_2017Canada_MICA_Results_For_SNAS#12_2017-03-26


Final Canadian results will appear on the Archery Canada website sometime in early May.  For full results, consult the COPARCO website after that date.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated national co-ordinator for this event:  Lynne Durward.  Thank you, Lynne, for organising the event and the results!

2017 OAA 10-ring Championships at SNAC

Congratulations to all competitors who shot the provincial championships over the past week.  There were some great performances.  There were a lot of personal bests along the way.  Unofficially, Alexandra Paquette set a new provincial record for cadet compound women.

These results are for everyone who shot at SNAC.  For full results for OAA members, please use the OAA’s website.  The scores are posted there now.


Great results despite heavy snow – SNAC 18M February 2017

Congratulations to all those archers and parents who braved the weather and gave us 100% attendance at our monthly world-level-registered 18M tournament on February 12th!

If everything went as it should, the results below should be on Archery Canada’s website also (!)  SNAS_February12_2017_WA18M_results

We had a lot of personal bests, either 30-arrow or 60-arrow and the list is long:

Olin Cave, Ryan Luckovich, Mohamed El-Halawani, Connie Siedule, Bob Kerr, Brandon Luckovitch and Hannah Rousseau.  Alexandra Paquette came close to tieing her new national record and Sandra Rampton-Siedule had a great tournament as did Jordan Eastman.

Our next tournament is actually a week of tournaments from February 20-26.  It’s time for the provincial indoor 10-ring championship.  Space is available on February 26th only.  Contact Larry or Kathy for pre-registration details.

2016 MICA @ SNAC Results

Congratulations to all archers who participated in this year’s event.   For some archers, it marked the highest scores shot this year.

We had two teams this year and they shot well:

SNAC Senior Recurve Women – Molly Solc, Jordan Sequillion and Crystal Foster

Aylmer Archers Junior Compound Women – Alexandra Paquette, Lea Leger and Emilie Houle-Brissette

The tournament was internationally-sanctioned at SNAC.  Full Canadian results can be viewed on the Archery Canada website; results for all the Americas will be posted on COPARCO’s website.

SNAC results – use this link:  2016_CanadaMICA_WebResults_SNAC#12

Crystal Foster shoots outstanding NFAA round – 2nd place

Congratulations to SNAC archer, Crystal Foster, of Kemptville, ON who shot two outstanding rounds of 290 each day at her first international archery tournament in Louisville, KY on March 19-20, 2016.

Finishing second behind a very good recurve archer from the USA, Crystal showed tremendous consistency on both rounds.

The NFAA indoor national championships is an annual event, attracting approximately 2,000 archers this year in all equipment divisions.

Congratulations to all SNAC archers and archers who train with us here at South Nation Archery Club!

2016 February 18M SNAC results

Despite frigid temperatures that made it impossible for some participants to get their vehicles started first thing in the morning, SNAC had a very successful turn-out.

Congratulations to all the archers who braved the cold to join us for our annual pre-OAA 10-ring championship event.

Use the link to see the results sheet.  Consult the events tab for dates and start times for the OAA 10-ring championships.  Our next monthly 18M event will be held on Sunday, March 13th.