2021 PSE Drive Bow and Package prices

The Drive 3B sets the standard for value and performance in pro-level hunting bows. The forged aluminum riser has been re-designed and PSE has added a 3-track binary cam that delivers stability, 85% let-off and incredible accuracy.

Specifications:                                   Mass weight only 3.7 lbs
Arrow Speed average 330 fps         Length Axle-to-axle 29.5”

South Nation has the 3B in stock in Kuiu Verde computer-generated camo pattern for the archer who wants a high performance bow at a great price.

Drive 2021 (bow only): $899

The package price includes the Drive 3B, a 5” Spire stabilizer, an AMP 2G sight, Wisker Biscuit arrow rest, PSE neoprene sling, string D-loop, peep sight and a Raven 5-arrow quiver.

2021 Package Price: $1089 and includes a 2-hour set-up, value $80

Substitutions: For $1199, you can upgrade the Wisker Biscuit arrow rest for a QAD HDX drop-away arrow rest.