South Nation offers instruction and coaching to groups and individuals.  We supply all the necessary equipment.  Participants should wear snug-fitting clothing on the upper body and bring flat, closed-toe indoor shoes to wear.

COVID-19 CHANGES:  Note that class sizes are now much smaller, allowing for fewer people to participate.  Physical distancing rules will be adhered to.  Normally, Beginner Sessions start each year in January; this has been re-evaluated and we have decided to cancel Session #2 for beginners.

Group Classes are available for youth and adults, for beginners and advanced archers.  During the beginner course, coaches cover “The Ten Basic Steps to Good Shooting” along with all the safety rules.  Each class ends with a fun activity.  Most forms of archery are introduced during the six-week session.

Youth Beginner classes run from March 2021 to May during Sessions #2, #3 and #4 on Friday nights only.

Beginners aged 11-15 years old should sign up for the 6 pm class.

Children aged 7-10 should sign up for the 7 pm class.

Older Teenagers should join the adult classes.

Adult Beginner classes run from March to May during Sessions #2, #3 and #4. Classes are held on Friday nights only at 8pm. Teenagers are welcomed.  Make it a family night out with archery!

NB:  Students should take at least 2-3 beginner sessions before asking about the advanced classes.

Advanced youth and adult classes run from November to May during Sessions #1, #2, #3 and #4.  Youth classes run on Wednesday nights and adult classes run on Thursday nights.  Use the page Advanced Classes for more details.

For more details, or to pre-register (compulsory), please telephone Kathy or Larry at 613-989-2943.