PSE Aurora 5 Pin Sight

The PSE Aurora 5 Pin Sight includes a sight light, a glow ring, and a sight level.
South Nation's price is $54.95.

Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight

The Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight is a light-weight carbon composite and aluminum construction and extra-long fibre optics for increased brightness. It has a micro push button light.
South Nation's price is $89.95.

Spot Hogg Bullet Proof Sight

The Spot Hogg Bullet Proof fibre optic sight is ideal for the hardcore bow hunter that needs tough equipment. It has solid aluminum construction and is adjustable for left-hand or right-hand. It has a three-pin sight and the Bullet Proof pins are specifically designed to withstand a wide variety of abuse.

South Nation's price is $99.00.

SF Axiom Target Sight

This sight features micro-adjustments up-and-down and left-and-right. It comes in right- or left-hand. The colours available are silver or black. Aluminum extension and sight head for durability. South Nation's price is $59.95.

Truglo - Fibre Optic replacements

Truglo Fibre Optic replacements are available in assorted colours and diameters.

Full Adjust - Target Sight Aperture

Ringed aperture sight with post has an inside diameter of 1/2". Make sure you check what thread size you need to fit your sight.

PSE Gemini Sight

The PSE Gemini Sight comes installed free-of-charge in this all-metal sight. It has 3 wrapped fibre optic pins. There is independent windage and elevation adjustment.

South Nation's price is $39.95.

PSE - Top Gun Replacement Pin

3/16" metal base fits Top Gun sights from PSE with a protective frame. Available in red, yellow and green. SNAS usually stocks .039" fibre, but available also in .019" and in .029".

South Nation's price is $9.95.