Excalibur Matrix GRZ2 Package

Excalibur Matrix GRZ2 Package

This is the model we stock because we feel it has the speed and accuracy people are looking for, with the Excalibur medium-length limb for quiet, forgiving shots.

The package includes everything you need to get going except your broadheads.

We recommend Excalibur's own 100 grain or 150 grain broadheads.

December 2019 SALE price only: $499.95

Golden Arrow 5-pin Sight

Golden Arrow 5-pin Sight

This is a great sight for the money!

It comes with a sight-light to enhance the fibre optics' glow.  Fibres are strong, wrapped .029", and the frame includes a glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring to align your peep sight easily.

December 2019 SALE price only: $39.95

TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Release

TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Release

The body is made of brass and comes with 3 interchangeable handles.

It features push activator to draw, spring reset and one-screw adjustment.

December 2019 SALE price only:  $239.00

Yellow Jacket YJ425 target butt

Yellow Jacket YJ425 target butt

Here's a versatile bag-style target butt for all bow weights, including high-speed bows and crossbows!

Long-lasting even at short range.  Just set it up and enjoy!

December 2019 sale price only:  $109.00

TRU Ball Short & Sweet 1

TRU Ball Short & Sweet 1

This wrist strap release features a buckle strap and tubular design.  It has a quick-loading open hook and a strap that tucks easily into your sleeve while waiting in your stand.

December 2019 SALE price only: $109.00

2021 PSE Drive Bow and Package prices

2021 PSE Drive Bow and Package prices

The Drive 3B sets the standard for value and performance in pro-level hunting bows. The forged aluminum riser has been re-designed and PSE has added a 3-track binary cam that delivers stability, 85% let-off and incredible accuracy.

Specifications:                                   Mass weight only 3.7 lbs
Arrow Speed average 330 fps         Length Axle-to-axle 29.5”

South Nation has the 3B in stock in Kuiu Verde computer-generated camo pattern for the archer who wants a high performance bow at a great price.

Drive 2021 (bow only): $899

The package price includes the Drive 3B, a 5” Spire stabilizer, an AMP 2G sight, Wisker Biscuit arrow rest, PSE neoprene sling, string D-loop, peep sight and a Raven 5-arrow quiver.

2021 Package Price: $1089 and includes a 2-hour set-up, value $80

Substitutions: For $1199, you can upgrade the Wisker Biscuit arrow rest for a QAD HDX drop-away arrow rest.

2021 PSE Stinger Max Package

2021 PSE Stinger Max Package

2021 Stinger Max features SX single cam is engineered on a new and upgraded riser platform and has upgraded limb pockets.
Package includes Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Hunter quiver, FX-4 stabilizer, peep, bow sling, and string loop.

Any bow purchased at South Nation Archery Supply includes a two-hour set-up session at no charge, a $70 value.

The outstanding value-packed price of this package is $559.00.

Block 18″ Target Butt

Block 18" Target Butt

The Block Classic Target is the original open-layered target. This target will accept field tips as well as fixed and expandable broadheads and has a convenient carrying strap.  18" x 18" x 16"

Lightweight, you can move it wherever you need to practice and sight-in your equipment.

December 2019 SALE price only: $109.00.

Easton – PowerFlight Shafting, Arrows in vanes or feathers

Easton - PowerFlight Shafting, Arrows in vanes or feathers

An all-carbon shaft with C2 carbon construction that features a micro-smooth finish has straightness tolerances of +/-.006" and weight tolerances of +/- 2 grains and Super nocks are factory-installed.

Sizes stocked: 400, 500

Shafting price:  $8.95 each

Arrows with vanes:  $9.95 each DECEMBER 2019 SPECIAL $8.95!!!

Arrows with feathers:  $10.95 each

We recommend fletching with feathers for ultimate performance.