TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Release

TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Release

The body is made of brass and comes with 3 interchangeable handles.

It features push activator to draw, spring reset and one-screw adjustment.

December 2019 SALE price only:  $239.00

2021 PSE Drive NXT Bow and Package prices

2021 PSE Drive NXT Bow and Package prices

The Drive NXT sets the standard for value and performance in pro-level hunting bows. The forged aluminum riser has been re-designed and PSE has added a 3-track binary cam that delivers stability, 85% let-off and incredible accuracy.

Specifications:                                   Mass weight only 3.7 lbs
Arrow Speed average 330 fps         Length Axle-to-axle 33”

South Nation has the NXT in stock in Kuiu Verde or Country computer-generated camo pattern for the archer who wants a high performance bow at a great price.

Drive 2021 (bow only): $899

The PRO package price includes the Drive NXT, a 5” Spire stabilizer, a 5-pin fiber optic sight, PSE drop-away arrow rest, PSE neoprene sling, string D-loop, peep sight and a Torment 5-arrow quiver.

2021 Pro Package Price: $1199 and includes a 2-hour set-up, value $90

2021 PSE Stinger Max Package

2021 PSE Stinger Max Package

2021 Stinger Max features SX single cam is engineered on a new and upgraded riser platform and has upgraded limb pockets.
Package includes Sierra fiber optic sight, a containment-style arrow rest, Hunter quiver, FX-4 stabilizer, peep, bow sling, and string loop.

Any bow purchased at South Nation Archery Supply includes a two-hour set-up session at no charge, a $90 value.

The outstanding value-packed price of this package is $559.00.

Block 18″ Target Butt

Block 18" Target Butt

The Block Classic Target is the original open-layered target. This target will accept field tips as well as fixed and expandable broadheads and has a convenient carrying strap.  18" x 18" x 16"

Lightweight, you can move it wherever you need to practice and sight-in your equipment.

Price: $109.00

Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight

Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight

The Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight is a light-weight carbon composite and aluminum construction and extra-long fibre optics for increased brightness. It has a micro push button light.

South Nation's price is $89.95.

QAD Ultra-Rest HDX

QAD Ultra-Rest HDX

The QAD Ultra-Rest HDX is a total arrow containment rest with precision CNC aluminum and stainless steel parts.

The rest features increased spring tension.

Price:  $199.00

Easton – Easton 6.5 Carbon Shafting, Arrows in vanes or feathers

Easton - Easton 6.5 Carbon Shafting, Arrows in vanes or feathers

An all-carbon shaft with a micro-smooth finish has straightness tolerances of +/-.006" and weight tolerances of +/- 2 grains and Factory-installed nocks.

(Formerly known as Powerflight arrows/shafting with the same deflection and diameter)

Sizes stocked: 400, 500

Shafting price:  $8.95 each

Arrows with vanes:  $9.95 each

Arrows with feathers:  $10.95 each

We recommend fletching with feathers for ultimate performance for hunting and indoor target archery.