2019 PSE Drive 3B

2019 PSE Drive 3B

The Drive 3B sets the standard for value and performance in pro-level hunting bows. The forged aluminum riser has been re-designed and PSE has added a 3-track binary cam that delivers stability, 85% let-off and incredible accuracy.

Specifications:                                   Mass weight only 3.7 lbs
Arrow Speed average 330 fps         Length Axle-to-axle 29.5”

South Nation has the 3B in stock in Kuiu Verde computer-generated camo pattern for the archer who wants a high performance bow at a great price.

Drive 3B (bow only): $699

The package price includes the Drive 3B, a 5” Spire stabilizer, an AMP 2G sight, Wisker Biscuit arrow rest, PSE neoprene sling, string D-loop, peep sight and a Raven 5-arrow quiver.

Package Price: $889 and includes a 2-hour set-up, value $80

Substitutions: For $999, you can upgrade the Wisker Biscuit arrow rest for a QAD HDX drop-away arrow rest.

Roland-Bullseye Take-down recurve bow

Roland-Bullseye Take-down recurve bow

The Roland riser is a strong composite material, drilled and tapped for sight and stabiliser.  There are two riser lengths for 62" or 66" total length. Order it in red or blue, and it is available in left- or right-handed.

The limbs are wood-laminated white limbs are not adjustable, but can be ordered in draw weights between 16# - 30#, in 2# increments.  If we do not have the exact weight in stock, we can order it for you.

The Roland-Bulleye Takedown is priced at $169.00.

The purchase of this bow comes with coaching and set-up, a $70 value.

2019 PSE Stinger Extreme Package

2019 PSE Stinger Extreme Package

2019 Stinger Extreme features SX single cam is engineered on a new and upgraded riser platform and has upgraded limb pockets.
Package includes Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Hunter quiver, FX-4 stabilizer, peep, bow sling, and string loop.

Any bow purchased at South Nation Archery Supply includes a two-hour set-up session at no charge, a $70 value.

The outstanding value-packed price of this package is $559.00.


We have 1 pink camo RH package with PSE's drop-away rest in stock.  When we sell this one, it's gone!

December 2019 SALE price only: $499.00

Win & Win WNS Explorer 1W Take-down Target Bow

Win & Win WNS Explorer 1W Take-down Target Bow

The Explorer 1W is an excellent intermediate-level recurve bow featuring a 25" aluminum riser and universal interchangeable limb pockets to accept any high-performance limb. The riser is offered in 5 colours, in right- or left-handed.

Limb lengths available: 64" 66" and 68". Limb weights are available from 16-36# in 2# increments. Explorer 1W is one of the finest values in the archery industry for intermediate and beginner recurve archers.

South Nation's price is $399.00, which includes one hour of free coaching with the purchase of the bow.