2018 PSE Drive X

PSE's 2018 Drive X is a member of the company's Vapor Series Compound bows, an unsurpassed performance value.  It features the MH Cam with speeds up to 332 fps.  80% let-off and mass weight is 3.7# with 30" axle-to-axle length.

South Nation sells this bow in 3 versions:

1. Bow only $689  OR

2.  Ready to Shoot package with Whisker Biscuit rest, AMP sight, stabiliser, Raven quiver, braided bow sling, peep sight and string loop.  $829.00  set-up included  OR

3. Ready to Shoot High Performance package includes QAD HDX drop-away arrow rest, AMP sight, stabiliser, Raven quiver, braided bow sling, peep sight and string loop.  $949.00 set-up included


2018 PSE Stinger Extreme Package

2018 Stinger Extreme features SX single cam is engineered on a new and upgraded riser platform and has upgraded limb pockets.
Package includes Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Hunter quiver, FX-4 stabilizer, peep, bow sling, and string loop.

Any bow purchased at South Nation Archery Supply includes a two-hour set-up session at no charge, a $70 value.

The outstanding value-packed price of this package is $559.00.

SF Axiom

The SF Axiom  is an excellent intermediate-level recurve bow featuring a 23" aluminum riser and universal interchangeable limb pockets to accept any high-performance limb. The riser is offered in 5 colours, in right- or left-handed.

Limb lengths available: 64" 66" and 68". Limb weights are available from 16-36# in 2# increments. SF Axiom is one of the finest values in the archery industry for intermediate and beginner recurve archers.

South Nation's price is $369.00, which includes one hour of free coaching with the purchase of the bow.

Rolan Riser with Samick Limbs

This bow is an excellent beginner bow. It features a Rolan synthetic riser with excellent center-shot for arrow fletching clearance. The riser is drilled and tapped for a sight, cushion plunger, and stabilizer. It is also available in 40 pounds and can be used for bow hunting. The riser is available right- or left-hand, short or long, and blue or red colour. The limb is a Samick wood core limb and is available in weights from 15-40#.

South Nation Archery's price is $169.00 with an hour of free coaching.

PSE - Junior

The PSE Junior is a 54" all-composite take-down bow with a draw weight of 20#. It has a red riser and black limbs and is available in left- or right-handed.

The PSE Junior is priced at $169.00.

The purchase of this bow comes with coaching and set-up, a $70 value.