House Leagues and Mailmatches

COVID-19 UPDATE:  For 2021, house leagues and mailmatches are cancelled.

In normal years:

Join us on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings for a quick 30-arrow round of shooting!  We offer 3 options to our archers and you can choose one, two or three choices.

For those of you who are starting out shooting competitively and perhaps are not interested in sharing your scores with others in the archery community, we offer House Leagues.  We take your top SIX scores over the winter from the start date in early January until mid-April each year.  We average your scores and rank you in-house.  Then we have a cake-and-ice-cream get-together in late May/early June to present medals.

Shooting Fee:  $8/session

Archery Ontario Mailmatches allow you to share your scores province-wide.  Certificates are awarded.

Archery Canada Mailmatches let you compare your scores nationally.  Membership is required.  Medals are awarded.

If you wish to participate in mailmatches, there is a $20 administration fee on top of the $8/session fee.  AND, your first score of the week counts towards your average.  Both events run until the end of March.

For further details, please speak with Kathy Millar or Larry Smith.  We hope to see you throughout the winter months.  🙂