Archery Info

For competition schedule see “Events”. Visit this link in the future for photos and information about tournament preparation and shooting tips and our annual Awards celebration.

SNAC holds indoor provincial OAA, national and international MICA championships annually. Indoor 18M rounds are run starting in January each year for either house leagues scores and/or national mailmatch scores.

In the summer, Wednesday night Canadian 900 rounds are shot in June and July. SNAC registers these events annually.

During mid-July annually, SNAC hosts a 4 x 720 weekend.  Four rounds of 72 arrows each are offered for compound archers (50M on an 80cm target face) and recurve archers (70M for Seniors/Juniors; 60M for Masters/Cadets on a 122cm face).  Space is limited and pre-registration is compulsory.  These rounds are registered with World Archery.