2018 Week-long Nutrition Challenge winner is Kate Montgomery

Our annual balanced nutrition week-long challenge was better than ever with 98% return of all advanced student logs.  Well done, group!  We’ve seen better scores from all participants year-to-year.  This year, returning archer Kate Montgomery scores almost a perfect 735!  Right behind her was Jordan Sequillion-Gautreau.  Congratulations to both archers!

The annual nutrition challenge does not log portion sizes, but instead looks at how an archer fuels the body with a proper mixture of all basic food groups.  Using the Canada Food Guide as a model, it is individualised to fit allergies and special diet requirements.  The goal is to eat a balanced, healthy diet without supplements while abstaining from deep-fried foods, junk food and caffeine.  Of course, this last category is a tough one for most of our adult advanced students, but for one week out of the year, it is a good lesson.

All logs are critiqued and returned with comments to the archers to help them improve their eating habits.

If anyone is interested in taking the SNAC Nutrition Challenge, please contact Kathy Millar.