2018 OAA IFAA Provincial Championship Results @ SNAC – some really great performances!

Please use the following link for our site’s results.  This annual event is shot province-wide during the last week of January.  This is a 60-arrow round scored X-5-4-3-2-1 on a blue-and-white NFAA target face.  Therefore, instead of 600 being the perfect score, it is 300 with 60X.  In the attachment, on sheet number 1, you will find the results for those OAA-Archery Canada members who shot; sheet 3 has those scores, plus our guests.

A special shoot-out to Jeremy Wakefield, Nolan Eakins and Hannah Rousseau in the compound division, who shot PBs on this round.  There were strong performances also from Ryan Luckovitch, Jason Larmour and Connie Siedule.

Top recurve score was shot by Jordan Eastman 292-29X!

Finally, top score overall and an unofficial provincial compound cadet women’s record goes to Alexandra Paquette who shot really great, disciplined form, with 300-55X!!  Felicitations!!!

2018_OAA_ IFAA_Results_SNAC_ON12

Our next tournament is on Sunday, February 11th.