Meeting the needs of bowhunters and target archers since 1983
Pour assistez les chasseurs à l’arc et les archers depuis 1983

Celebrating 33 years in business with:

  • Everyday discount prices
  • Knowledgeable sales and service
  • Staff with more than 70 years experience in the sport

We train new and advanced bowhunters as well as
recreational archers, local, provincial, state and national Champions,
World Regional Champions, World Champions and Paralympians.

Come join our classes, leagues, tournaments and events!


WEEKDAYS 1:00 pm till 9:00 pm   (closed Tuesdays)

SATURDAYS 9:00 am till 4:00 pm  (closed Sundays)

We accept VISA, MasterCard, debit cards/Interact, cash and cheques.
We do not accept post-dated cheques.
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BY2-6 Class Full – Beginner Youth @ 6pm


Please note that this class is fully booked.  If you are between the ages of 11 – 17 and wish to learn the Ten Basic Steps to Good Shooting, please pre-register for either session #3 or #4.

Thank you.

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Tournament Fee Increase for Adults 2017


Due to increased registration fees, SNAC is increasing the daily ADULT tournament fee for both indoor and outdoor tournaments to $25.00.

This increase takes effect for our January 15, 2017 WA 18M tournament.

Youth fees, for archers 16 years of age and under, remain the same at $15.00.

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2017 Parking Reminder


IMPORTANT message to class participants and league/tournament archers!

Please remember to park in our parking lot whenever possible.

DO NOT PARK on the south side of County Road 38.

If the parking lot is full, please park on the north side of the road only, and east of our lane way.

This notice is very important during the snow removal season; the OPP will have your car towed away if you are in the way of the snow-plough drivers.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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Lanes Available during Normal Business Hours except during classes


Effective January to June on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays the lanes will not be available for general practice from 18:00 – 21:00 (6pm-9pm) during group classes.

The lanes remain available on all other days of the week during normal business hours.

Thank you.

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Indoor Tournaments – availability as of 2017-01-07


This is an unofficial posting of the spots available for the sanctioned events to be held at SNAC in 2016-2017.  Please confirm by telephone directly with Kathy or Larry if you want to register or to see if night lines will be added.

December 04 WA 18M:  10AM line 0  2PM line 0

January 15 WA 18M:      10AM line 1       2PM line 0

January 29 OAA – IFAA championship: 10AM line 2      2PM line 0

February 12 WA 18M:    10AM line 0       2PM line 0

OAA 10-ring Championship week:

February 20:  1 spot      February 22:  3 spots    February 23:  8 spots

February 26:     10AM line:  7 spots      2PM line:  5 spots

March 05 – AC – Regional championship:  10AM line 3      2PM line 0     6PM line 6

March 12 WA 18M:        10AM line 0      2PM line 0

March 26 – MICA:   10AM line 0      3PM line 0      7PM line 5



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Pre-payment policy for private lessons


Effective January 22, 2014 South Nation Archery must impose a pre-payment policy for those registering for private lessons for the first time.

Payment can be made in person or over the phone using credit card, cheque or cash.

We are sorry to have to implement this policy.

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2017 South Nation Archery Range, Tournament & League fees


Range fees 2017
Youth and Adults: $5.00

Tournament Fees 2015
For all internationally/nationally registered tournaments, indoors and outdoors:
Archers 17 years of age and older: $25.00
Archers 16 years of age and under: $15.00

2015 SNAC indoors Leagues
Archers 17 years of age and older: $7.00
Archers 16 years of age and under: $5.00

2015 SNAC outdoor Leagues
Youth and Adults: $7.00

Archery Canada and OAA Indoor Mailmatch registration fee

Archers must be members of AC/OAA to participate.

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Class Cancellation Policy


SNAC’s class cancellation policy is available on the Policies page under “About Us”. This policy addresses SNAC’s protocol regarding cancelled classes due to inclement weather, anticipated poor weather conditions during class time, and coach illness.

SNAC recognizes the importance of regular classes, but puts the safety of athletes and those driving them to class first.

Please contact Kathy or Larry if you have any questions or concerns which are not addressed in this policy.

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Kathleen Millar leads Nova Scotia youth training camp


On December 17-18, 2016, Kathleen Millar trained an enthusiastic group Nova Scotia youth on what it takes to become a high performance archer.  The training camp was organised originally by Gayle Caudle and sponsored by AANS.

Over the two days, the archers learned about adequate preparation and training for both indoor and outdoor high performance.  Information was geared to target, field and 3D archers.

The athletes were asked to complete and maintain a seasonal training plan with their coaches.  She looks forward to working with them again in May-June 2017.

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Private lesson increase for 1-2 persons


Starting on January 4, 2017, private lessons for 1-2 persons will increase to $35/hour + HST.

Thank you.

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