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Pour assistez les chasseurs à l’arc et les archers depuis 1983

Celebrating 32 years in business with:

  • Everyday discount prices
  • Knowledgeable sales and service
  • Staff with more than 70 years experience in the sport

We train new and advanced bowhunters as well as
recreational archers, local, provincial, state and national Champions,
World Regional Champions and World Champions

Come join our classes, leagues, tournaments and events!

STORE HOURS FOR 2015:  We’ll be closed for August Bank Holiday.

WEEKDAYS           1:00 pm till 9:00 pm   (closed Tuesdays)

SATURDAYS           9:00 am till 4:00 pm  (closed Sundays)

We accept VISA, MasterCard, debit cards/Interact, cash and cheques.

We no longer accept post-dated cheques.


Private Lesson fee increases as of August 01, 2015


Effective August 01, 2015 South Nation Archery will be increasing all private lesson fees by $5/hour + HST.

Even with this increase, South Nation Archery provides the best value in knowledge and service.

In order to book you private lesson, please contact Kathy or Larry via e-mail at

Thank you

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Spectacular scores shot at annual 4 x 720 tournament


Numbers of participants were up this year as SNAC entertained archers from several regions of the province, and New Brunswick at the annual internationally-registered 720 weekend.  We were also pleased to host two AWAD archers.

Two unofficial national records were set by Bill Mackey and Kaity Horlock, with many people shooting personal bests.  Luc Martin’s performance was outstanding.  Congratulations to all archers and good luck to all those participating next weekend at the OAA target championships in Peterborough!

For full results, you can either use this link, or find them on the Archery Canada website.  See everyone next year!


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2015 CDN900 Round results – new national record


Congratulations to Bill Mackey who set an unofficial Master’s Compound Unlimited distance record on Wednesday, July 15.

Congratulations to all our CDN900 league participants over the past 6 weeks.

Please use the following link for total results.


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Crystal Foster – 2015 recipient – Most Improved Archer Award


On Wednesday, May 27th, during awards celebration night #1, South Nation Archery Club executives Kathy Millar and Larry E. Smith presented a very special award to a very deserving individual.  The SNAC Most Improved Archer Award is not given out annually; it is awarded only when a member meets the criteria.

This year, SNAC is pleased to award CRYSTAL FOSTER with this trophy.  Not only did Crystal meet all the criteria, but she trained and excelled while working over 60 hours per week at Mr. Mozzarella in Kemptville.  In the senior recurve division, she participated in advanced classes, house leagues (gold), Ontario mailmatches (gold), National mailmatches (gold), OAA 10-ring indoor championship (7th), OAA/IFAA championship (5th), national championship (11th) and the Multi-site Indoor Championship of the Americas (MICA).

Crystal has been dedicated to her weight-training programme over the past 12 months, no easy feat due to non-archery related sports injuries.  She exhibited also the criteria for this award:

  • Dedication to training
  • Listening and coachability
  • Score improvement
  • Learning Mental Toughness
  • Sportsmanship
  • Courtesy to all archers

Congratulations, Crystal!

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Wednesday night celebrations 2015


We had a terrific turn-out for our awards celebration day #1.  The 3 advanced youth classes enjoyed cake and ice cream, medals and certificates, and 3 hours of coaching.  Alexandra and James Paquette came all the way from Gatineau, QC to join us!  Photos will follow.

Celebration #2 is tonight, May 28th.  Our final celebration will be held on Saturday, May 30th during normal business hours.

If you participated in our leagues, mailmatches or tournaments, please drop by for cake and ice cream.

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TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! 2015 Indoor Season Awards Week


To everyone who participated in our leagues, mailmatches and tournaments over the winter months, we will be celebrating your accomplishments during the last night of classes on Wednesday, May 27 and Thursday, May 28 at 7pm each night.

This year, we will present our Most Improved Archer Award as well.  It is presented to the archer who displays the following qualities:


We will have cake, coffee and juices, a brief presentation and photo session.

If you can not join us on those nights, please drop by our shop on Saturday, May 30th during normal business hours.

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Graduating students from our OFSSA programme


Every year it’s great to take all the high-school-aged archers down to the annual tournament, but there’s always a sad part to the trip.  Every year, we have to say good-bye to some of our competitors and hope that they stay with the sport as they move on to work and/or higher education.

This year, we say good-bye, but hopefully not farewell to:
Hannah Robinson (NDDHS)

Patrick Jaquemet (NDDHS)

Jay Simzer (Seaway Valley DHS) and

Mackenzie Gifford (NGDHS)

Good luck to each of you!

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OFSSA Archery 2015 – great SNAC performances


For almost 30 years, Ontario High School students come together in Toronto to compete indoors and for most of those years, SNAC archers have been there.

This year, we had a terrific group of students who shot very well!  All archers shot either their averages, personal bests and/or better than last year.  Congratulations to everyone!  Area archers came back with 2 6th-place medals:  McKenzie Gifford (CPD UNL) and Patrick Jaquemet (OLY).

Schools represented this year were:  North Dundas DHS, North Grenville DHS, Osgoode THS, Leahurst College, St. Mark’s, St. Michael’s HS, John McCrae SS and Thousand Islands SS.

Special thanks goes to our parent volunteers who helped Kathy get everyone down and back:  Kelly Robinson, Erika Hockey and Ted Broadhurst.

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Quest Bows for 2015 now in stock


Our first shipment of Quest bows has arrived for 2015.  The Forge is a great bow, replacing the Torrent.  The versatile, light-weight Storm replaces the Bliss.  And new for 2015 is the Radical in purple!

Drop by our store to see the new products.

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2015 MICA results at SNAC


Every year,  South Nation Archery Club (SNAC) hosts the Multi-site Indoor Championship of the Americas (MICA).  Though this is not automatically a registered event, SNAC does register the site for an internationally-sanctioned 18M tournament.

The results listed in the link below reflect only those scores shot at SNAC.  Sites all over the Americas can run the event between January 01 and April 30 annually.

International results are usually available starting early in May on COPARCO’s website.  Canadian results will be listed by Lynne Durward as soon as the last Canadian host site runs the event.  See Archery Canada’s website for national results.

Congratulations to all those archers who participated in the individual and team events.  It was great fun!


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