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Meeting the needs of bowhunters and target archers since 1983
Pour assistez les chasseurs à l’arc et les archers depuis 1983

Celebrating 32 years in business with:

  • Everyday discount prices
  • Knowledgeable sales and service
  • Staff with more than 70 years experience in the sport

We train new and advanced bowhunters as well as
recreational archers, local, provincial, state and national Champions,
World Regional Champions and World Champions

Come join our classes, leagues, tournaments and events!


WEEKDAY HOURS 1:00PM till 9:00PM  (closed Tuesdays)

SATURDAYS           9:00 am till 4:00 pm    (Sundays)


We accept VISA, MasterCard, debit cards/Interact, cash and cheques.

We no longer accept post-dated cheques.


News – 2015 Tournaments – spots available as of March 2nd


SNAC holds many events throughout the winter to early summer.  Keep watching this post for updates on availability (listed by event date).

March 07, 10-ring Archery Canada (AC) champs night line:  FULL

March 08, 10-ring AC champs morning line:  FULL

March 08, 10-ring AC champs afternoon line:  FULL

Regular Internationally-sanctioned event:

March 15, 18M morning line:  2 spots available

March 15, 18M afternoon line:  2 spots available

Multi-site Indoor Championship of the Americas (MICA):

March 22, MICA morning line:  FULL

March 22, MICA team round:  FULL

March 22, MICA afternoon line:  FULL  (NOTE 15:00 START TIME)

March 22, MICA night line:  4 spots available (NOTE 19:00 START TIME)


July 15, CDN 900 round night line:  16 spots available

July 18-19, 4 x 720 weekend:  morning and afternoon lines available both days

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Classes resume this week at SNAS – Session #3 & Home-school


Now that we have completed our annual OAA Week for the provincial 10-ring championships, classes start up again.

Session #3 beginner and advanced classes, for both youth and adults resume with Kathy Millar on February 25-27.

Larry E. Smith’s home-school day-time group lessons resume, too.

If you have any questions about your class day and/or time, please telephone us during normal business hours:  613-989-2943.

Thank you.

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2015 Provincial 10-ring Championship Results for SNAC


Use the link for scores posted at our annual OAA week.  Congratulations to all SNAC participants.  For full provincial results for OAA members, please use the OAA website.

For more details on SNAC tournaments and participation, please contact Kathy Millar.


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February 2015 18m Tournament Results


Despite +50kph winds, we had a very good turn out today for this internationally-registered event.  Congratulations to all the archers and parents who drove to the lanes in order to attend.

Special note were great performances either on a 30-arrow round or the total 60-arrow by Crystal Foster, Cassy Montgomery, Brandon Luckovitch, Patrick Peters and Eric Peters.


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OAA – IFAA Champ results 2015


We had a good turn-out yesterday for this annual event. Congratulations to all participants. Provincial results will be available shortly on OAA’s website.
Please use the link to view SNAC-only results.

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All Beginner Classes FULL for Sessions 2, 3 and 4


Beginner Adult and Beginner Youth classes are booked completely now for all sessions.

People interested in taking lessons should consider scheduling private classes.  Contact Kathy Millar via e-mail to make an appointment:

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2015 Parking Reminder


IMPORTANT message to class participants and league/tournament archers!

Please remember to park in our parking lot whenever possible.

DO NOT PARK on the south side of County Road 38.

If the parking lot is full, please park on the north side of the road only, and east of our lane way.

This notice is very important during the snow removal season; the OPP will have your car towed away if you are in the way of the snow-plough drivers.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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2015 Tournament Schedule Now Available


Information regarding the 2014/2015 tournament schedule is now available.

SNAC will be holding several internationally sanctioned FITA18M events, as well as the OAA 10-Ring Provincial Championship (held over the period of one week in February), the IFAA Indoor Provincial Championship, the National 10-Ring Championship, and the MICA Indoor Team and Individual Championships.

Please see the Events page for details and contact Kathy or Larry to reserve a spot on the line of your choice for any of these tournaments.

Pre-registration is compulsory.


Youth (ages 16 and younger): $15.00

Adult (ages 17 and older): $20.00


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2015 South Nation Archery Range, Tournament & League fees


Range fees 2015
Youth and Adults: $5.00

Tournament Fees 2015
For all internationally/nationally registered tournaments, indoors and outdoors:
Archers 17 years of age and older: $20.00
Archers 16 years of age and under: $10.00

2015 SNAC indoors Leagues
Archers 17 years of age and older: $7.00
Archers 16 years of age and under: $4.00

2015 SNAC outdoor Leagues
Youth and Adults: $7.00

Archery Canada and OAA Indoor Mailmatch registration fee

Archers must be members of AC/OAA to participate.

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2015 Product Lines in-store


NEW 2015 in-stock items have started to arrive.  Our catalogue will be updated regularly.

2015 PSE bows are in-stock in limited quantities already, including new “hot picks” listed in the News section of our website.

Call Larry or Kathy for details.

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