Meeting the needs of bowhunters and target archers since 1983
Pour assistez les chasseurs à l’arc et les archers depuis 1983

Celebrating 34 years in business with:

  • Everyday discount prices
  • Knowledgeable sales and service
  • Staff with more than 70 years experience in the sport

We train new and advanced bowhunters as well as
recreational archers, local, provincial, state and national Champions,
World Regional Champions, World Champions and Paralympians.

Come join our classes, leagues, tournaments and events!


WEEKDAYS 1:00 pm till 9:00 pm   (closed Tuesdays)

SATURDAYS 9:00 am till 4:00 pm  (closed Sundays)

We accept VISA, MasterCard, debit cards/Interact, cash and cheques.
We do not accept post-dated cheques.
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Kathleen Millar unavailable for private lessons until June 26


Please note that if you wish private lessons you should telephone Larry E. Smith at 613-989-2943 during normal business hours to set a date and time.

Otherwise, please wait until June 26th to contact Kathleen Millar for you lesson.

Thank you

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2017 Celebration Saturday, June 10th from 9am to 4pm


Thank you to all our competitors, club members, friends and families who dropped by during our annual get-together on Saturday, June 10th to recognise all the accomplishments of the past indoor season.  We had a special cake made for the occasion, along with ice cream.

If you could not join us, pick up any medals or certificates you may have earned during normal business hours starting on Monday, June 12th.

Congratulations to all our participants.

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2017 Canadian 900 Round Leagues off to a great start


Our annual 6-week outdoor league night #1 took place on June 7th in brilliant sunshine, warm and light breezes and few mosquitoes.  It was a great performance night as well.  There were several personal bests to start the season.  In particular, it was great to see Alexandra Paquette shoot 11 points from perfect.

Join us for the next 5 weeks at 55m, 45m and 35m – 90 arrows, just the right number after work or school.

Remember that week 6, Wednesday, July 12, is a nationally-registered tournament and you will need to pre-register for that.

We look forward to seeing even more participants in the weeks to come.

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2017 OFSSA Archery Event Photos


A great group of young people gathered in Toronto’s Richmond Green Sports Complex to shoot the 2017 edition of the OFSSA Archery Invitational Tournament, commonly known as the high school championship.

Thanks to Kris Rousseau for all the photos!  Enjoy

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UPDATE: 2017 OUTDOOR Tournament Schedule at SNAC


OUTDOOR TOURNAMENTS AND LEAGUES for recurve, compound and barebow archers

CDN 900 leagues

Join us on Wednesday evenings, and enjoy outdoor archery on a nice, bigt 122cm target face.  Regardless of age category, we offer the senior round only:  55m, 45m, 35m.  If you can’t reach all those distances, then start later and shoot the distances you feel comfortable with (except on week 6 because it is a formal tournament).

Scoring beginning at 6pm (18:00) SHARP on:

June 07, 14, 21, 28, July 05 and 12 (week 6 is a nationally-sanctioned tournament).

COST:  $8/person

4 x 720 Weekend Event: 

Pre-registration is compulsory as space is limited.  You can register for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 rounds offered over the 2 days.  All compound archers shoot at 50M on an 80cm target face.  For recurve archers, seniors and juniors shoot at 70M, while masters and cadets shoot from 60M, all on a 122cm target face.

Morning line scoring starts at 10am (practice at 9am).  Afternoon line scoring starts at 2pm (practice at 1pm).

Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23, 2017 NEW DATES

COST:  $25/adult     $15/youth 17 years and younger

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone Kathy or Larry for further details.

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2017 Awards Presentation – Saturday, June 10 – first communique


South Nation Archery Club is happy to host its annual awards presentation.  This year, it will take place starting at 12 noon on Saturday, June 10th.  Medals and certificates will be presented for all events and to all participants.

Throughout the day, during normal business hours, South Nation Archery staff will be happy to serve cake, ice cream, coffee and juice to all those who participated in mailmatches, tournaments and championships during the 2016-2017 indoor season.

We look forward to seeing all our participants and competitors on June 10th.

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2017 Candle-master is Brandon Luckovitch


Brandon led the way this year with 5 candle flames without touching the candle itself.  Great job this year, Brandon!  Honourable mention goes to Cole Myers, Pam Bennett, Max Binkle, Connie Siedule, Ryan Luckovitch, Nolan Eakins and Bill Mackey.

Revenge of the candle flames will have to wait until 2018!

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Millar trains NCCP archery coach evaluators in Hamilton, ON


Kathleen Millar was asked to return to Archery Canada’s coach certification programme on April 02, 2017 to train NCCP coach evaluators from across the country for the Competition-Development context.

She was involved with the pilot of this programme in January 2014.  This training session was part of a larger 4-day event hosted in Hamilton by the Coaches Association of Ontario.  Many sports were in attendance, with the archery delegation being one of the largest.  Archery representatives attended from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba and British Columbia.

A coach evaluator is an important part of assessing coach competency after appropriate training.  The evaluator’s role is to ensure that the coach is competent, but also to suggest future learning opportunities and areas to strengthen.  If the coach is found to be competent, then certification is granted.

Kathleen has been involved in the national coach certification programme since 1976.

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2017 MICA – Greatest Participation to date at SNAC


Congratulations to the individuals and team members who competed in our marathon day-and-a-half annual MICA tournament.  Though it is not required, SNAC registers this event internationally with World Archery for performance awards and records.  The event runs from January 01 to May 31 each year with participation from all the Americas from Argentina to Canada.

We are pleased to publish the SNAC-only site results.  WEB_2017Canada_MICA_Results_For_SNAS#12_2017-03-26


Final Canadian results will appear on the Archery Canada website sometime in early May.  For full results, consult the COPARCO website after that date.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated national co-ordinator for this event:  Lynne Durward.  Thank you, Lynne, for organising the event and the results!

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Indoor Tournaments – Great performances and efforts finish off the 2016-2017 Season


Congratulations to all those competitors who took part in our final indoor tournament of the season:  The Multi-site Indoor Championships of the Americas (MICA).  We had the biggest turn-out ever with 4 separate starting times, all filled to capacity plus 3 team events for CPD Senior Men (with 2 cadets on the team), CPD Junior Women (with 2 cadets on the team) and REC Senior Women (the same team members as last year).

Those results will be posted shortly.

In the meantime, it is time to celebrate all the accomplishments, tests, trials-and-tribulations and victories of all those who put themselves up to the test of shooting some or all of our internationally-registered tournaments throughout the winter.  Well done, everybody!!

Indoor mailmatches are coming to a close at the end of March.  So if you have not shot 6 scores for your average, you’d better get a move on!  🙂

Indoor house leagues will finish on April 15th.  Again, you need 6 scores for an average.

Outdoor CDN900 leagues will be held in June-July and we hope you will be able to join us on Wednesday evenings.

Our annual 4 x 720 weekend will be held on July 22-23 and you may sign up for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 rounds by contacting Larry or Kathy.

So the indoor season is winding down and now we need to wait for the outdoor lanes to dry out and we’ll be able to move outside in May-June.  We hope to see you then!

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